Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fate is a Harsh Mistress

Fate is a Harsh Mistress

For almost a year Daniel has been my musical guru, and Sunday I texted him to find out if he had mixed his entire program as he had told me intended to do. That night I rambled around with Joe-Joe trying to find someone, anywhere, that would allow us to listen to the regular radio so that we could hear the program, and our best option turned out to be Rob Nitty's house, which wasn't even really an option considering Rob was too insane to change the radio station, and his two children to afraid of him to try and do it for us. So we spent a good portion of the night hanging with Rob's two kids until the beer ran out. I talked to Daniel later that night and he told me he had only mixed the first half hour or so, so I felt good I didn't miss too much.

Daniel is by far my most trusted friend when it comes to musical taste, and for the last few weeks he had been completely consumed with learning the new mixing software he recently got for his laptop. In fact, I began to take it somewhat personally when Daniel didn't come around our house for over a week.

The 6 Year Anniversary of my meeting of Solara Lynn came and went Wednesday and I didn't realize I had missed the marking of that date--I am so sentimental I keep track of dates and anniversaries of relationships that have long been dead. I usually try and send my ex's an email or text message on their birthday's and important (and sometimes inconsequential) holidays, and this was one I wouldn't have missed on purpose. I felt guilty when I woke up the next day and realized I had missed it completely. I checked my cellphone and realized I had been doing some underground guerilla marketing as the historic hour came and went.

I felt better later that night when Daniel came over for the first time in weeks, and he previewed for me some of what he had in store for his upcoming show. No matter how many times it happens, I am never disappointed in the new music Daniel introduces to me. Our room-mate Emil was moving the next morning back to Florida, so we start having an impromptu going away party for him and unexpectedly Jwig, who owes me $65 and all I have is his paycheck to show for it, pops in with his friend Whitney, who I immediately fall for--she is pretty, sweet, and seems to like me too. I get her number before they leave and Jwig promises to come back the next day and help me to cash his check.

Unexplicably, as is almost always the case, I am elated the rest of the night with the prospect of the new and exciting possibilities with this female. My hopes were even more reinforced the next day when she texts me to tell me she has added me on her Myspace page.