Saturday, November 15, 2008

Official Announcement---FETCH To Be Released December 2, 2008

My newest book, FETCH, a story of Rivalry and Ghosts, is going to be released December 2, 2008 by Phoenix Fire Multimedia, a division of the Image, Vehicle & Yeild family of endeavors.

The story follows the disintegration of the life of a talented young corporate worker whose new office-mate is ruining him. Dramatic motif's include Rivalry, Secrecy, Deception, Madness, Heartbreak and The Supernatural.

The action takes place at a car dealership, with all the mischeviousness and moral depravity that the car business lends itself to.

MAYA, my first book, a 50/50 split of poetry and literary non-fiction, will go briefly out of print for a time, so if you had designs on getting it for yourself or as a gift for the holidays, 14 days are left to purchase it directly from the printer. After that they will only be available second hand until the second printing comes out sometime next year.

Obviously this means that someday there will be a premium for the FIRST EDITIONS, so get yours now

Thank you to everyone with their words of encouragement and help in recent days.


Maya, Phoenix Fire Multimedia, 2002, Released March 14, 2008.