Friday, January 30, 2009

What, No Sunlight Period?

What, No Sunlight Period?

"Look, seriously, it's not about keeping promises when you are already president. It's about making as many ridiculous promises as possible to all of these idiot voters who never watch the news, can't read a newspaper, and do not even know that CSPAN exists. Whatever it takes to get elected. The morons who voted for me are not sophisticated enough to know when I purposefully deceived them."

Ironically both of them work cheaper than their white male counterparts.

William J. Lynn, former Raytheon-employed Lobbyist, and newest Gunrunner over at The Pentagon. Welcome Aboard!

It's Okay To Lie To Get Elected
It's obvious now the most important thing was for Obama to be elected President. All the stupid as hell promises he made were pure garbage only dumb children would have believed!
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