Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ObamaTrade support crumbling in House

Support for "Fast Track" Trade Promotion Authority is crumbling in the House of Representatives as constituents flood their elected officials with calls an
For many people, from elected officials to normal citizen alike, the prospect of handing more negotiation power to Obama just does not seem like a good idea. Expecting that the guy who negotiated the release of five Taliban leaders for one deserter, cannot negotiate a deal with Iran that includes intrusive inspections of military installations, has not been able to negotiate an end to violence in Syria or Ukraine, could not negotiate a deal on immigration reform, could not negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq, and has been unable to negotiate an end to tensions in the South China Sea will all of a sudden turn into a masterful world-beating negotiating wizard seems to be a stretch of expectations to say the least. In fact, besides "transparency", if there is one thing that Obama and his administration has proven time and again to have no skill or talent for whatsoever it is negotiation.
Bernard Bernard