Friday, June 5, 2015

WikiLeaks releases shocking ObamaTrade secrets

WikiLeaks has revealed stunning new details of trade pact that was meant to be kept secret for at least another five years...Long after Obama making million$
As someone who, as many of you know, has had my job twice shipped overseas and comes from a state whose three biggest industries were stolen from them after NAFTA--do EVERYTHING in your power to convince your elected Reps in the House of Representatives to oppose Fast Track TPA and after to convince your senators and reps that a vote for ObamaTrade is a vote that should 100% disqualify them for re-election. I am proud both Alabama senators voted against Fast Track and neither one would ever vote to give extra-constitutional authority to outside foreign powers. The corrupt politicians and corporate lobbyists who are trying to straight fuck the American Worker and the middle class are the scum of the earth, All Of Them. Please help me in stopping this miscarriage of Democracy, Freedom and Transparency by telling them NOW and voting them out later. Please LIKE this post and talk to everyone about #TPP #TTIP #TiSA and #TPA. These fukers get rich by being in government. Obama will make the $$$$the Clinton's make look like small potatoes. We gotta defend ourself because aside from Senators Session, Shelby, Lee, Rand Paul no one else AT ALL is fighting for us. I don't know about YOU but dozens of 3rd world pieces of shit are doing the jobs I used to do. It will be ALL our jobs soon enuf. Ignore me now, cry on my shoulder later.
Bernard Bernard