Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cacti Saves The Day

Cacti Saves The Day
by Michael Bernard
for The Corner News
Published July, 16, 2008.

"It began with a phone call," Cacti's front man explained as my small party excitedly awaited the music's beginning, "Whoever was supposed to play tonight cancelled and as luck would have it, I know the guys who work up here and they recommended us."

Luck was on the side of the crowd, however, as we were all immediately grooving with Cacti's Medeski, Martin, and Wood influenced blend of acid jazz. The ambiance was pure coffee house, although the Ale House is much better known for it's selection of unique brews. Cacti is a five-piece band featuring, in addition to the usual guitar, bass, second guitar and percussionist a saxophonist, which is the first indication the casual observer may have that they are in store for something special.

"I'm not too familiar with this type of music," C.K. of Montgomery said in between songs, "but I really like it. All the musicians seem really talented, but the drummer is my favorite. I'm kinda partial to drummers, however..."

Even though it would seem that the most recognized formula for dance music these days would be hip-hop or techno, members of the audience were compelled into dancing to the vibe flowing forth from Cacti's versatile musical stylings almost from the first beat.

"It's really just a lot of fun to get to play in front of people who are enjoying the music as much as we are," Cacti's lead guitarist mused in between numbers, "I hope we get to do this again, with advance billing even."

I have no doubt that we can look forward to hearing Cacti again around Auburn very soon.