Wednesday, July 30, 2008

X-Files Re-enforces all We Are Afraid to Believe

X-Files Re-Enforces all We Are Afraid to Believe
by Michael Bernard
for The Corner News

Mystery, wrapped in intrigue, sprinkled in enigma. David "Red Shoe" Duchovney makes his long anticipated return to the franchise and was worth the wait. Sure, Agent Dugget replaced Mulder at some vague point in the last season. We never accepted that. In fact, the only last season episodes I have ever watched was with my best friend Tuesday, during a marathon on FX we could not ignore.

As usual, Mrs "I didn't get inseminated by Aliens or be put in a coma by them" Dana Scully is here as always to be the cynic. Apparently I missed the part where Mulder returned from the dead and/or aliens. I saw one episode during that storied Tuesday Marathon where Mulder came back and died again.

The long established dynamic of conflict between our dual protagonists is ever-present.
Apparently, Scully has moved on. Mulder is still chasing phantoms. A mysterious plot develops, and Mulder and Scully are, as common in this mythology, caught in the middle. Religious overtones overwhelm, as the well-known poster in Mulder's office admits, We are left wanting to believe.

What kind of God would kill us all? Maybe the one everyone is searching for.