Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Thongs Are Made In The USA (New Items In Store!)

Hello Everyone!

I have appropriated, thanks to a little help from my buddy C.K., the Stephen Fairey "Hope" painting style, and in true Fairey fashion, have redesigned and massively expanded the MAYA inspired clothing line.

So much for "Consumer Culture Must Die A Violent Death" huh?

Well, I figured if ripping off other artists and then stamping the design on anything sellable is enough to get Fairey (whose last entirely original artwork was finished in the early 1980's) to be regarded as "The most important artist since Picasso" (I didn't say that, by the way, some other retard did), then it would certainly work for me too.

Lots of cute stuff along the lines of the Che Guevera shirts I used to wear all the time.

The Thongs are made in the USA, by the way.

http://www. cafepress. com/phoenixfire2008


Pink Flowerburst, Michael J. Bernard, 2008
Fine Art Photography, comes with black/plexiglass frame that measures 19x15.