Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Two-Quarterback System Bound for Disaster?

Another Two-Quarterback System Bound for Disaster?

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In Texas, unlike other places where naming even one starting quarterback is a chore, the difficulty for Mack "Coach February" Brown is in creating a new offensive package and scheme that allows him to have two starters on the field simultaneously.

Colt "The Real" McCoy, the Texas Longhorn's quarterback who was born above Texas Soil in New Mexico after his father brought a lunchbox full of texas sand with him to the hospitol when McCoy was born, is back for his Junior campaign, but the buzz out of Austin, Texas, is that John Chiles is too good to keep on the sideline holding clipboards.

McCoy remains the number 1 quarterback after throwing for 5,873 yards and 51 touchdowns over the last two seasons. But Chiles possesses the type of big-play ability that the anemic Texas offense needs. Texas would like to use McCoy at quarterback and Chiles as something of a scat back – running pass patterns, taking direct snaps, end-around reverses, and other trickery. Texas experimented with the idea last year a few times but nothing worked well enough to build on at the time.

"We'd like to see if it works," Brown said. "We're really developing that package as we speak. We're going to start working on it immediately to see where it goes, simply because John and Colt are two of our best players and two of our most productive players."

The rich just get richer.