Monday, August 18, 2008

Main Event III, Bigger and Badder than Ever

Main Event III, Bigger and Badder than Ever
by Michael Bernard
for The Corner News

The weigh-in for the August 23rd Main Event III MMA and Boxing Event is set for 8:00pm August 22nd at Roosters, and the fireworks might start early. Eddie Fielder of Alabama Boxing and MMA, the consultants on hand to set the matches for Main Event III, said, "We've got more than a few guys fighting each other this time around who just plain don't like each other. A couple grudge matches, not to mention the Heavyweight Title that will be up for grabs that night."

The Main Event and DJ Holleywood's Productions have been growing steadily, and this incarnation of Auburn's UFC-style event is expected to be bigger than any previous. Says DJ Holleywood, "This time around we've got fighters and teams coming from all over the Southeast, not to mention the return of local fighters from the first Main Event. I'm also excited that we are incorporating both Boxing and MMA into the same event, it's really great to bring the same type of mixed martial arts that people watch on Ultimate Fighting Championship for the community to see up close and personal."

Team Rush of Macon, Georgia, with undefeathed Tyler Caruthers in tow, will be in town facing off against, among others, members of Team Rage of Gainesville, Georgia. Chico Kamorra, regional MMA Analyst, remarks, "The guys over at Team Rush have a lot of good records, and a sterling sharp reputation, but you have to ask yourself--who have they been tested by? Going up against the kind of lineup that's set for Saturday Night might nick them up a good bit. I like what I have seen of Team Rage's style but haven't seen them in action yet."

Main Event III MMA and Boxing Event starts 8:00pm, August 23rd at The Best Western Hotel. Tickets are $15 for Regular Admission, $25 for Ringside, and can be purchased at The Best Western, Nutrition First, and by calling 1-888-834-7515. A special discount is available with qualifying purchases at Nutrition First. The atmopshere is good for all ages, and will include music and entertainment provided by DJ Holleywood, DJ Hard Work, with other special and surprise guests expected, as well as an event afterparty.

"We'll have a good idea after Saturday Night who is on The Rise in the Southeast MMA world," Kamorra promised.