Friday, August 22, 2008

Pacific Northwest Bound Nitelite???

Is Nick NITELITE Saban Already Planning an Exit Strategy to the Pacific Northwest?
for 24-Hours of Propaganda

Several Sources close to the University of Washington have been leaking information to various media outlets in the last week to the effect that Nick NITELITE Saban, head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, has been in "what-if" talks with the UW football program.

"Nothing definitive," one source said, "Nothing indicating a specific time frame or immediate need for Saban to make a move."

Others are more explicit with explanations for his backhanded search for assurance of future employment. "There seem to be things in the Alabama Program that have Saban concerned, things outside of his control and probably woven into the fabric of football at Alabama." Said another source close to Mark Emmert, President of the University of Washington.

Alabama recently exited the probation era that saw them lose scholarships and bowl eligibility after being accused by, among others, Phil Fulmer of paying recruits to attend the University of Alabama. Also, the NCAA reportedly ignored similar allegations at Tennessee after Fulmer provided damning evidence against Alabama in 2000.

There have been unsubstantiated connections being made that the University of Florida and Urban Meyer somehow have a part in the unfolding Saban-UW drama, but nothing so much as a coherent storyline has developed as of this time.

Reportedly, Emmert has floated Saban's name to a number of UW boosters. He also has presented it as a "what if" scenario, painting a picture to boosters that goes along the lines of "the similarities with LSU and UW are eerily similar. both are once-proud programs fallen on hard times, with great resources and facilities. UW has a chance to provide a counterweight to USC on the West coast which has been pitifully neglected. As Willingham flames out---UW needs to commit to football, and we need to prepare to hire the best possible coach".

Saban signed a 8-Year, $32 million dollar contract with the University of Alabama January 4, 2007, and is expected to lead the once-proud Crimson Tide to the promised land. Saban agent Jimmy Sexton was unavailable for comment, as was the office of The President of the University of Washington.