Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nick NITELITE Saban, hot on the recruiting trail, class of 2018

Nick NITELITE Saban, hot on the recruiting trail, class of 2018
for Gods Among Men: Coaches and Coordinators in the SEC

No one has ever questioned Nick NITELITE Saban's ability as a recruiter--this year's incoming haul is of such tremendous potential that many around Bama Nation are anxiously awaiting the "Freshman Tide". Led by Foley-phenom Julio Jones, the number one reciever recruit in the nation on many prospect rating services, Saban's entire class is full of potential instant impact players, including Don'ta Hightower, Devonta Bolden, Terrance Cody, and Kerry Murphy.

But the quarterback of the future may be current 8-year old Brentwood, California, quarterback, godson to none other than the Iowa Hawkeye's own Tom Arnold.

Tom Arnold, minutes before his godson's first official college tryout. Nick NITELITE Saban was impressed. Serious accusations of Recruiting Violations may stem from the incident, as "A Division I college may not provide recruiting materials to a prospect in this sport (including e-mail, instant messages, text messages, faxes and general correspondence related to athletics) until September 1 at the beginning of the prospect's junior year in high school". Hopefully no brochures changed hands....

Tom Arnold's take on the meeting: "..my G-Friend went to Bama..she’s got a place there, Nick Saban used to coach in the Big 10..so I took my godson, his mom and sisters to a closed practice with the AD[athletic director Mel Moore] to watch and say hello to Nick. (I did remind him of the Capital One Bowl a few years back and he’s a great guy so..:) My godson, who’s the best 8 year old quarterback in Brentwood California, is being forced to go to Alabama (unless he gets into Harvard) by is mother."

Nick NITELITE Saban's increasing national noteriety and Star Power will no doubt lead to more atheletes scooped from the upper-crust of the West Coast Media Elite.