Friday, September 5, 2008

ACC Sacked in Week One of College Football Season

ACC Sacked in Week One of College Football Season
for 24-Hours of Propaganda

The ACC was man-handled in four of it's out of conference games in week one, Virginia Tech losing to East Carolina, Clemson steamrolled by Alabama; North Carolina State blanked by South Carolina; Virginia obliterated by USC. Can the legitimacy of the BCS remain if the ACC continues to be so poorly represented this season?

"I think too much is made out of one game," Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe said. "A lot of the schools that got hammered a little bit this past week were playing teams nobody else wanted to play. There's not many coaches I know of who would want to open up with Alabama, or Southern Cal or East Carolina, South Carolina. All those games we got criticized for were really tough openers." Then, looking ahead to Wake Forest's match-up with Ole Miss and newly minted head coach Houston Nutt, "Certainly we would like to play well as a representative of the ACC," he said, "but more than anything else we know we have a really tough game, really tough team in Ole Miss."

"It's Week 1," Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer said. "A lot of unusual things happen in Week 1. In college football you don't have what the pros have, and that's exhibition games. You don't even have what the high schools have, scrimmages against other people. Again I think you judge a league over a period of time, not a season, or a game or opening week."