Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stranger With Candy Invades Wisconsin High School Cheerleading Team

Stranger With Candy Invades Wisconsin High School Cheerleading Team
for 24-Hours of Propaganda

33-Year old High School Cheerleader Wendy Brown.

A 33-year-old woman is accused of stealing her daughter's identity to attend high school and join the cheerleading squad.

Wendy Brown is charged with felony identity theft after enrolling in Ashwaubenon High School, near Greenbay, Wisconsin, as her daughter. The criminal complaint says Brown admitted to telling school officials she was 15 because she wanted to get her high school diploma and join the cheerleading squad.

She allegedly attended practices, received a cheerleader's locker and went to a pool party at the coach's house. She was given a cheerleader locker and paid for her uniform with a check that later bounced.

A high school employee, Kim Demeny, told authorities that Brown seemed very timid, told her she was not good in math and even cried when she talked about moving from Pahrump Valley High School in Pahrump, Nev.

Although she looked older than a student, Demeny said, she believed her demeanor was consistent with that of a high school girl.

A school liaison officer started investigating when Brown failed to show up for school for four consecutive days and the check for her cheerleader uniform bounced.

The complaint says Brown has a history of identity theft.

Her daughter lives in Nevada with Brown's mother.

According to court documents, Brown enrolled using her daughter's official transcript, Social Security card, birth certificate and other personal identification.

In the criminal complaint, school officials and teachers said the student appeared older but had a teenage-like demeanor. Brown had told teachers and some school officials that she and her mother had to leave Nevada to get away from her father.

"In school you see a lot of children who look older and dress older," said Don Penza, liaison officer."At what point do you say, 'You're lying.'"