Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Picks for Week 2 of SEC Action

My Picks for Week 2 of SEC Action
for 24-Hours of Propaganda

S Carolina (1-0) at Vandy (1-0) USC: 87%. My Pick: South Carolina. While Vanderbilt impressed with a win over a veteran Miami (OH) crew last week, The Ol' Ball Coach will put them at 1-1 by Friday morning.

Southern Miss (1-0) at Auburn (1-0) AUB: 97%. My Pick: Auburn. At least one analyst has put Southern Miss at beating Auburn. Could Tony Franklin's Undefeatable Patented Offensive System© fail this time out? It's unlikely that Southern Miss' offense can get through Auburn's stiffling defense. Also they lack Brett Favre.

Ole Miss (1-0) at Wake Forest (1-0) WF: 60%. My Pick: Ole Miss. In my ritualistic once-a-week longshot I pick Houston Nutt to scare the fuck out of Wake Forest at home.

C Michigan (1-0) at Georgia (1-0) UGA: 99%. My Pick: Georgia. Are you kidding? I'll be pissed off if Central Michigan puts up more than 11 points.

Norfolk St (1-0) at Kentucky (1-0) UK: 99%. My Pick: Kentucky. I'll go with the boys this time.

Tulane (0-0) at Alabama (1-0). BAMA: 99%. My Pick: Alabama. Nick NITELITE and crew will make Tulane feel bad about themselves.

SE Louisiana (1-0) at Miss St (0-1) MSU: 96%. My Pick: Mississippi State. Sadly, this pick makes me nervous in a way it probably shouldn't. I pray to god that Sylvester Croom got that alarm clock situation straightened out.

UL Monroe (0-1) at Arkansas (1-0) ARK: 98%. My Pick: Arkansas. If a sloppy Auburn offense can put up 34 points, Bobby Petrino's team of the week should be able to go at least as far as 17. UL Monroe is still looking for their first score of the season.

Miami (1-0) at Florida (1-0) UF: 92%. My Pick: Florida. As long as Tebow is alive Florida is hurricane proof.

Troy (1-0) at LSU (1-0) LSU: 99%. My Pick: LSU. I'd try to take another mid-major to take out LSU but I got burned by Appalachin State. This isn't to say deep down in my soul I don't want Les Miles to flop and flop embarassingly bad, like Tommy Bowden bad.