Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 3 SEC Picks

Week 3 SEC Picks
for 24-Hours of Propaganda

Heisman Era Steve Spurrier

It seems like an easy week this time around so lets get to it:

UAB (0-2) at Tenn (0-1) TENN: 99%. My Pick: tn. Athough I pray for any Alabama based team to beat the hell out of Tennessee every time out of the gate. Maybe the Blazers will get 'em. We can always hope.

Georgia (2-0) at S Carolina (1-1) UGA: 95%. My Pick: UGA. I would like to see a reminder of Everything The Ol' Ball Coach Once Was, but despite that, Mark Richt, Matt Stafford, and Knowshon Moreno clobber South Carolina. If not all three can forget their Heisman Hopes.

WKU (1-1) at Alabama (2-0) BAMA: 99% My Pick: Alabama. Another glorified practice for the Crimson Tide, the only question is, will Alabama look like the one that humiliated Tommy Bowden and the entire Clemson Football Program, or the one that looked sheepish versus Tulane last week.

Rice (2-0) at Vandy (2-0) VANDY: 95%. My Pick: Vanderbilt. After being burned by picking against VANDY twice in a row, I join the bandwagon. Watch them burn me this time.

Samford (2-0) at Ole Miss (1-1) MISS: 93%. My Pick: Ole Miss. Houston Nutt and crew nut-up and beat Samford like they would punch the mom's of the Wake Forest players, just like Coach Nutt told them to.

Auburn (2-0) at Miss St (1-1) AUB: 95%. My Pick: Auburn. The only reason is that I can't change my pick depending on if Sylvester Croom wakes up to his alarm clock or if he hits the snooze button until 10PM tonight. IF he wakes up Auburn might have a hard time, but look for them to start rolling behind astounding arm-cannon Chris Todd.

Mid Tenn (1-1) at Kentucky (2-0) UK: 99%: Middle Tennessee might give Kentucky fits, watch the Wildcats put up about 30 points, and as unlikely and counter-intuitive as it sounds, the other team put up less points.

North Texas (0-2) at LSU (1-0) LSU: 100%: My Pick: LSU. IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY THAT LES MILES WILL BE ABLE TO CANCEL/POSTPONE THIS GAME, thus countering his hopes of being the only team ever to win a National Championship by playing less than 6 games.