Monday, September 8, 2008

Quarterbacks in Demand

Quarterbacks in Demand
for News Around the NFL

The Patriots released a statement today that read: "After extensive tests this morning, it was revealed that Tom Brady's left knee, which was injured in the first quarter of yesterday's game, will require surgery. He will be placed on injured reserve and will miss the remainder of the 2008 season."

Brodie Croyle, University of Alabama alum, suffered a separated right (throwing) shoulder in Sunday's loss to New England. Coach Herm Edwards wouldn't speculate on how long Croyle would be out, but this looks like he will miss significant playing time.

The Tennessee Titans believe Vince Young has a torn medial collateral ligament that will sideline him two to four weeks, and he will undergo an MRI sometime Monday for conclusive results.

Jeff Garcia, the 38 year old often-injured and smallish quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, injured his calf sunday which will most certainly continue in a nose-dive of nagging pains and injuries that will explain Tampa Bay's lack of winning focus and offensive woes. Jeff Garcia is a player who has only played in 3 complete seasons in his 10 seasons and durability--in addition to his underwhelming stature--has always been the top concern.

And who knows how much further the list will go after tonights Monday Night matchups with junior starter Tavarius Jackson for the Minnesota Vikings going up against first-time starter Aaron Rodgers for the Green Bay Packers.

With what may prove to be a limiting and lingering knee problem for Peyton Manning, the likelihood of Donovan McNabb or any of St. Louis' quarterbacks holding up for a whole season minimal, inexperienced starters at San Francisco(JT O'Sullivan), Oakland(Jamarcus Russell), Washington(Jason Campbell), and the entire Cleveland, Atlanta, and Baltimore QB rosters, Daunte Culpepper probably would have now been looking at the greatest boon possible for a proven backup-spot starting quarterback. If his conspiracy theory is in fact a fabrication of his imagination, as some think, as opposed to an outright fact.

Here is a list of other "Out-of-NFL" Quarterbacks who could be called into action.

1. Tim Couch-Is married to 1999 Playboy Playmate of the year Heather Kozar. You know he is still in playing shape. Was banned for 6 games of the 2007 season for steroid use. Was not on any roster all season.
2. Bradlee Van Pelt-Probably only known to Madden 2007 players. Very good.
2. Dameyune Craig- Former Auburn star who owns the professional football record for most yards thrown in a game. Still revered by Auburn Tiger fans.
3. Brad Johnson-Perfect for one of those coaches who only trust QB's older than they are.
4. Dan Marino-Ditto, especially the New England Patriots, who could win with 46 year-old Marino. Favre probably now wishes he had waited for Tom Brady to get injured before coming back.
5. Wade Wilson- The ageless QB coach of the Dallas Cowboy's, though retired in 1998 from playing, could step in any time and win just as easily as Tony Romo. It's sad that he doesn't.

And my list of "Out-of-NFL" Quarterbacks I hope stay retired.

1. Trent Green- I know he won't "officially" be retired until Marc Bulger goes down. Then Green will take a snap or two, get another concussion, and in a teary press conference no one watches even on YouTube retire. Right now he is just getting that paycheck.
2. Drew Bledsoe- I hate you, stay away! Replacing you is the only thing Tony Romo ever did that made him look "good".
3. Vinny Testaverde- I hate you almost as bad as Drew Bledsoe. PLEASE STAY AWAY!
4. Doug Flutie- Bernie Kosar's arch nemesis. The Football Hurling Midget was a fluke in the NFL, a good broadcaster, and does not need to answer the phone if Bellichek calls.
5. Ryan Leaf-Selected by the San Diego Chargers with the No. 2 overall pick in 1998, Leaf threw just 13 touchdown passes to 33 interceptions, along with countless well-publicized tantrums before being released in 2000. It seems almost unbelievable now that some teams felt Leaf was better pro material the Peyton Manning. And adding insult to injury, Chargers GM Bobby Beathard gave up the No. 3 pick, a second-round selection, a first-round choice in 1999, and two players to Arizona to move up just one spot. Thankfully bankrupted the Chargers franchise for all eternity, the latest evidence of which the Week 1 loss.
6. Chris Weinke- An old man that came back to college football after a meager pro baseball career and stints selling insurance and used cars. The NFL tried to blackball him but the idiot Carolina Panthers did not get the memo.