Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trent "Paycheck" Green, a Waste of an NFL Roster Spot

Trent "Paycheck" Green, a Waste of an NFL Roster Spot
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Trent Green, who is now slated as the "2nd Quarterback" in St. Louis, is a paycheck player. It is almost unanimous given his age and injury history it would be better for him, the team, and the league for him to go ahead and retire. Instead, he will hang in, receiving the weekly paycheck, until that inevitable time that Marc Bulger goes down and Green is called into action; At which point it is expected that Trent Green will be injured in just a few plays and in a teary press conference not covered by ESPN nor frequented very often on YouTube, retire.

"That's what you get you fucking washed up pussy!"--Travis Johnson taunting an unconscious Trent Green who was concussed while attempting to illegally chop block Johnson on a broken rushing play on October, 7, 2007, less than a month into the season, and after going 0-4 as Miami's starting quarterback.

Travis Johnson, after the game, "The scarecrow [who] wants to get courage. At 12:01 I respected Trent Green, at 12:36…FUCK Trent Green.”

Green sustained a season-ending knee injury during the preseason in 1999, leading to Kurt Warner's rise to stardom and the Rams' Super Bowl championship.

Trent Green suffered a severe concussion during the first game of the season on September 10, 2006, against the Cincinnati Bengals in Kansas City.
In a bizarre confluence of events, a scrambling Green attempted to slide during a third quarter play, but was hit hard by Cincinnati defensive end Robert Geathers.

Trent Green was rendered unconscious and the game was delayed for over fifteen minutes while Green received medical attention. He reportedly regained consciousness in the tunnel and could not recall the play.

This is almost exactly what the last photo of Trent "Paycheck" Green's career will look like, except it will be in a St. Louis Rams uniform, again.